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Friday, October 27

10:00am PDT

#BookSnaps - Snapchat for Annotation, Digital Visualization and Ultimately Improving Reading Comprehension Administration Building - A202 (2nd floor)Tara Martin (CANCELED) Level-Up with PBL Building D - D161 (1st floor, outside)Katie Morgan Averting Disaster with STEAM/PBL: Integrate to Innovate Building C - C103 (1st floor)Katherine Goyette Breakout with OneNote Administration Building - A204 (2nd floor)Melinda Richwine • Maria Turner CANCELED Design Thinking in K-2 Building D - D104 (1st floor, outside)Cassie Cope • Melissa Toohey ClEvR Lab Reports Using Adobe Spark Video Building C - C206 (2nd floor)Melissa Hero Cultivating a Future-Ready Mindset Through Design Thinking Building D - D201/202 (inside building, 2nd floor, outside room)Martin Cisneros Design Your Lessons with Global Connections Building D - D309 (3rd floor, inside building, upstairs, behind stairs to the left)Sally Hoyt Engaging All Learners in Historical Inquiry: Leveraging Google Apps and WeVideo Building C - C210 (2nd floor)Stephanie Kugler Exploring Humanities through Games: Collaborative Student Led Games in the Classroom Building E - E108 (1st floor)Keenan Kibrick Getting Started with Blended Learning Using the Station Rotation Model Building E - E208 (2nd floor)Jay Sorensen Google on Tour: Students Empowered with Tour Builder! Building C - C106 (1st floor)Natalie Valles Multimedia Text Sets: The Gateway to HyperDocs Building C - C208/209 (2nd floor)Kelly Hilton Personalizing #Sketch50: Doodles, Noodles, and You! Administration Building - A206 (2nd floor)Misty Kluesner • Genevieve Pacada • Cate Tolnai Project Funway! Try On Some New EdTech Then Walk the Learning Runway Administration Building - A205 (2nd floor)Rae Fearing • Charlene Knowlton Student-Created Accessible Google Sites: Accessible Design in the Classroom Building D - D159 (1st floor, outside)Melissa Oliver The Lean Green Screen Machine Building E - E207 (2nd floor)Ali deGuia-Bumgarner Video Projects → Get Started with Adobe Spark Building E - E106 (1st floor)Erin Vallejo Writing and Tech in the ELL Classroom Building D - D316 (3rd floor, inside building, upstairs, behind stairs to the right)Fernando Figueroa • Tara Trent

12:30pm PDT

Are Your Students Reading for Depth? Building C - C102 (1st floor)Actively Learn BrainPOP: Show What You Know Building C - C103 (1st floor)Alexa Corniel Calling All Leaders: Get Connected. Building D - D201/202 (inside building, 2nd floor, outside room)John Eick Digital Differentiation Building C - C106 (1st floor)LORI SMITH Digital Storytelling: Let’s Get Your Students Creating in the Classroom! Building D - D281/282 (inside building, 2nd floor, outside room)Misty Kluesner FAILing and Fun: Resources for 21st Century Learning & Teaching Building E - E108 (1st floor)Sara Armstrong • Shauna Hawes Flipping Out with Flipgrid: Taking Video Feedback to A Whole New Level Building D - D316 (3rd floor, inside building, upstairs, behind stairs to the right)Kelly Martin • Karly Moura Hands-On, Minds-On with Robots! Administration Building - A202 (2nd floor)Dan Exelby • Blair Phelan • Rick Phelan Making a MakerSpace Administration Building - A205 (2nd floor)Doug Robertson Media Literacy: Teach Students to Assess News and Information Building E - E103Kristen Berg NGSS in Elementary - Go from Learn About to Figure Out! Building D - D206/207 (inside building, 2nd floor, outside room)Rae Fearing Put the Fun in FUNssessments Building E - E208 (2nd floor)Eddie Rivera • Ruby Rivera Show What You Know: From Docs with Links to HyperDocs Building D - D208/209 (inside building, 2nd floor, outside room)Kelly Hilton Student Passion Con: What It Is and How To! Building E - E106 (1st floor)Ashley Williams SXSW EDU’s Emerging Trends in Education Building D - D159 (1st floor, outside)Lauren Fuhr • Julia Shatilo Tech Tesoros for ELL Instruction in the Modern Classroom Building B - TheaterMartin Cisneros

2:00pm PDT

3:30pm PDT

(Canceled) 'Break Out' of the Same Old Lessons Using Breakout EDU Building D - D201/202 (inside building, 2nd floor, outside room)Kyle Myers 360° Whiteboarding Classroom Wall Redesign Building C - C206 (2nd floor)Kevin Burkett A Journey into 3D Printing Administration Building - A206 (2nd floor)Charity Bower Arduino: What Is It? What Do I Do with It? Building D - D161 (1st floor, outside)Heidi Baynes • David Platt Blended Learning At Its Best Building C - C106 (1st floor)Gregory Duran • Edgenuity • Nicole Olsen Computational Thinking Can Save the World (Or At Least Help It)! Building D - D206/207 (inside building, 2nd floor, outside room)Christy Novack Connect Families to Your School With the Free App ClassDojo Building D - D304 (3rd floor, inside building, upstairs, behind stairs to the left)Sharon Naugle Creating Book Clubs that are Figuratively Lit and Literally Awesome Building E - E108 (1st floor)Kristina Allison Digital Citizenship in the Elementary Classroom: Helping Your District Get Started Building D - D316 (3rd floor, inside building, upstairs, behind stairs to the right)Eric Silverberg Flipping Out & Blending In: Flip Your Classroom and Make Every Second Count! Building D - D307 (3rd floor, inside building, upstairs, behind stairs to the left)John Albert • Esmeralda Ramos Go Go Digital! Interactive Notebooks Building E - E106 (1st floor)Natalie Valles Great Google Extensions Administration Building - A204 (2nd floor)Drew Warden Help Your Introverts Succeed in an Extroverted World Building D - D201/202 (inside building, 2nd floor, outside room)Sally Hoyt Hidden In Plain Site - Chrome Browser Extensions Building D - D159 (1st floor, outside)Brooke Carey Ahrens • Melanie Duffin I Like Big Blogs (And I Cannot Lie) Building E - E103Doug Robertson • Mari Venturino MERIT - PD that Pays Building E - E202 (2nd floor)Lucy Amaral • Brian Briggs • Lisa DeLapo • Shayna Peeff Motivating Girls To “Lean In” to Pursue Passion-Driven Careers in STEM Building D - D281/282 (inside building, 2nd floor, outside room)Naomi Harm Problem Investigators: Tackling Authentic Community Issues Using a Design Thinking Model Administration Building - A205 (2nd floor)Laura Nielsen • Bill Selak CoderBunnyz STEM Coding Program and 9-Year-Old Bridging the Gender Gap Building B - TheaterSamaira Mehta • Lorin Wilson

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