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Saturday, October 28

8:30am PDT

13.5 Tech Tools to Transform Your World Language Classroom Building E - E203/204 (2nd floor)Bayard Nielsen A Classroom Without Limits! Building D - D283/284 (inside building, 2nd floor, outside room)Rebecca Girard • My Nguyen Access and Engagement using Assistive Technology for Students with Significant Disabilities Building D - D309 (3rd floor, inside building, upstairs, behind stairs to the left)Tana Donaghy Code Across the Curriculum with Young Students Administration Building - A202 (2nd floor)Nancy Delgadillo Communication. Not A Single Opportunity Missed Building E - E205/206 (2nd floor)Catina Haugen Competencies for the 21st Century Education Leader Building C - C206 (2nd floor)Jason Borgen Creating Differentiated Professional Development Opportunities for All Learners Building E - E202 (2nd floor)Kathy Gligo • Liz Loether • Jennifer Petraglia • Bethany Schwappach Digital Toolbox: Tools to Support Inquiry, Reasoning, & Authenticity in the Classroom Building D - D104 (1st floor, outside)Sarah Acosta Landry • Maggie Verdoia Etiquette in an Email Age Building D - D159 (1st floor, outside)Dr. Michael Bloemsma • Julia Maynard Fantasy Worlds Provide Authentic Understanding for Mathematical Concepts Building C - C210 (2nd floor)Kristi Frankina Girls that STEAM Building D - D281/282 (inside building, 2nd floor, outside room)Dejuana Aldrich • Gina Anadilla Green Screen Production Using iPads, WeVideo, and Doink A216/A217Ryan Schwartz Growth Mindset in a Tech-rich Classroom Building C - C103 (1st floor)Karen Larson • Gene Tognetti How to Really Make Computer Science for All! Administration Building - A206 (2nd floor)Paul Werner Igniting Student Passions through Genius Hour! Administration Building - A203 (2nd floor)George Garcia • Bill Selak Integrating Creativity and STEAM into Your Day - No More Boring Lessons! Building D - D201/202 (inside building, 2nd floor, outside room)Matt Mankiewicz • Amy Sylvester Lesson Builder's Fair: A BOLD Approach to Lesson Design Administration Building - A205 (2nd floor)Lindsey Blass • Jon Corippo Managing with Monsters - Gamifying Citizenship and Work Habit Grades with ClassDojo Building D - D161 (1st floor, outside)Kelly Baker • Lauren Goodner Power of the Portfolio: Creating a Culture of Reflective Learning Building D - D307 (3rd floor, inside building, upstairs, behind stairs to the left)Amanda Goldman • Trisha Sanchez Separating Fact and #FakeNews Building D - D206/207 (inside building, 2nd floor, outside room)Scott Padway Teaching the Weird Way Building C - C208/209 (2nd floor)Doug Robertson The Elephant in the Room: Digital Reading Comprehension is Different Building D - D208/209 (inside building, 2nd floor, outside room)Diane Darrow Use Google Forms to Connect with Community Administration Building - A153 (1st floor)John Eick Using Spreadsheets to Understand, Analyze and Organize Student Data Building E - E207 (2nd floor)Christina Whitmire What’s Real, and What’s Not? Digital, Media, and Information Literacy Administration Building - A204 (2nd floor)Sara Armstrong Why the Maker Movement Matters in Education: Exploring the New STEAM Power Building C - C102 (1st floor)David Thornburg • Norma Thornburg

10:00am PDT

(Canceled) Digital Portfolios Building D - D307 (3rd floor, inside building, upstairs, behind stairs to the left)Jennifer Calderon (CANCELED) Get Your Tweet On with Twitter Chats Building D - D208/209 (inside building, 2nd floor, outside room)Meagan Kelly (CANCELED) The Library of Congress Online: A Navigation Guide for Educators Building C - C206 (2nd floor)Esther Kligman-Frey 101 (More or Less) HyperDoc Hacks Administration Building - A216/A217Nicole Beardsley Breakout of Boring Exit Tickets and Vocabulary! Building C - C103 (1st floor)Tom Mullaney Building a Better Principal Building E - E205/206 (2nd floor)Todd Feinberg • Jackie Knudson Chats Are Where It's At! Building E - E207 (2nd floor)Kelly Martin Create Your Own Personal Learning Canvas Building E - E202 (2nd floor)Heidi Geiges • Corinne Yeager Cut The Cord: The Freedom to Teach Building C - C208/209 (2nd floor)Brian Briggs Demystifying 3D: Easy as 1, 2, 3D! Building C - C206 (2nd floor)Karen Larson • Gene Tognetti Designing Intentional Spaces Administration Building - A206 (2nd floor)Mike Taylor Ditch that Copier: Set Your Sites on Galleries Administration Building - A203 (2nd floor)Adam Juarez Edpuzzle - Change the Way You Use Videos! Building E - E203/204 (2nd floor)Angela McGraw • Jenniffer Rocha Google Docs - STEAM for the Youngest Team Building D - D203/204Anjelica Dillsaver • Scott Skidmore Inspiring Students Through Robotics & STEM Fields While Connecting w/UCD C-STEM Administration Building - A202 (2nd floor)Tammy Lee • Stefani Williams Kind Kids Club: Creating a School Culture that Rocks Building D - D161 (1st floor, outside)Caroline Hines • Jen Kloczko Leading Digital Literacy: It's Not About the Tech! Administration Building - A204 (2nd floor)Katherine Goyette Let's Get Creating in the K-3 Classroom Building D - D283/284 (inside building, 2nd floor, outside room)Mackenzie Ferreira My AudioBiography: Creating a Musical Self-portrait Building D - D316 (3rd floor, inside building, upstairs, behind stairs to the right)Emily Hendricks Reimagining Learning Spaces for the 21st Century Building D - D206/207 (inside building, 2nd floor, outside room)Andrew Schwab Remixing Desmos and More Building C - C210 (2nd floor)Myra Deister Student Tech Team: Building A Student Run Help Desk Building C - C201/202 (2nd floor)David Platt Tech Talks: Coding and Robotics Supporting the Core Building D - D159 (1st floor, outside)Elizabeth Carr • Stephanie Ruiz Tubes, Tape, and Imagination: Starting and Sustaining a Future Ready Lab Building C - C102 (1st floor)Traci DiLellio • Jennifer Harrison • Ashly McNamara Two 'Must Use' Effective and AWESOME Video Tools: Mystery Hangouts and FlipGrid Building D - D309 (3rd floor, inside building, upstairs, behind stairs to the left)Christina Whitmire

12:30pm PDT

#Transform #Teaching @Twitter Administration Building - A203 (2nd floor)Katherine Goyette • Adam Juarez 1 TSA + 22 Elementary Schools = Better Be Organized and Engaging Building E - E208 (2nd floor)Pat McCauley • Pat McCauley Amplify Student Voice with Flipgrid Building C - C208/209 (2nd floor)Lucretia Anton Awokenings: Cultivating and Reprioritizing Political Consciousness, Creativity, and Passion Building C - C210 (2nd floor)Jonathan Almerido Creativity Flies with Storybird Building E - E205/206 (2nd floor)Natalie Valles Digital Pen Pals - Connecting Beyond Your Classroom Building D - D309 (3rd floor, inside building, upstairs, behind stairs to the left)Todd Sinclair Engage and Empower - Citizen Science and Authentic Audiences Building E - E202 (2nd floor)Rebecca Girard • My Nguyen Engaging in the Design Process: Prototyping 3-Ring Binders Building C - C102 (1st floor)Christine Mytko Fleeting Focus Tactics Administration Building - A206 (2nd floor)Kathleen Lucchesi • Joanna Nelon Getting Started with Scratch Building D - D203/204Charity Bower Google My Maps in the Elementary Classroom Administration Building - A202 (2nd floor)Jenn Meikle Got Innovation? Building D - D208/209 (inside building, 2nd floor, outside room)Mary Bennett • Jaymian Campbell-Milner • Ed Campos • Jody Green • Lisa Nowakowski I Want. You Want. We Want. WeVideo! Building D - D316 (3rd floor, inside building, upstairs, behind stairs to the right)Jessica Vannasdall Leading Your School Toward Digital CItizenship Building D - D161 (1st floor, outside)Daniel Frost • Kristina Mattis Learning Beyond the Classroom: Global Connections & Collaboration Building C - C103 (1st floor)Tanis Haboush Little Learners Love Tech Tools: Seesaw! and the Primary Classroom Building C - C201/202 (2nd floor)Mary Berelson • Edward Hilton Need More Tools in Your Toolbox? Building D - D159 (1st floor, outside)Heidi Carr Positively Positive E-Portfolios Building D - D307 (3rd floor, inside building, upstairs, behind stairs to the left)Eddie Rivera • Ruby Rivera Sharing Stories with NPR's StoryCorps App Building E - E207 (2nd floor)Teresa Ozoa Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories: 2 Ways for Professional Learning and Epic Storytelling Building E - E203/204 (2nd floor)Bill Selak Tech Out that Open House! Administration Building - A216/A217Monica Bennett • Valerie Sun Tech Talks: Integrating TECH! Building C - C106 (1st floor)Elizabeth Carr • Stephanie Ruiz Unleashing the Power of Google Forms Administration Building - A153 (1st floor)Mary Fran Lynch Viking Tech Crew: Promoting Student Leadership Building C - C206 (2nd floor)Mari Venturino HyperDocs + YouTube - Creating Lessons that Leave You Thinking Building B - TheaterLisa Highfill

2:00pm PDT

#BookSnaps - Snapchat for Annotation, Digital Visualization and Ultimately Improving Reading Comprehension Building E - E203/204 (2nd floor)Tara Martin #TechToolsSmackdown Building E - E202 (2nd floor)Monica Bennett • Valerie Sun (CANCELED) Getting STEAMy Building D - D206/207 (inside building, 2nd floor, outside room)Tracy Campbell • Victoria Schoonover (CANCELED) Now That's a Good Question! Building C - C210 (2nd floor)Erik Francis 2nd Edition - Advanced Games in the Classroom Building D - D104 (1st floor, outside)Keenan Kibrick Blended Book Clubs: Elevate, Engage, Empower Administration Building - A216/A217Chanmi Chun • Mary Katayama Break the Walls Down: Reimagine Images Building D - D307 (3rd floor, inside building, upstairs, behind stairs to the left)Adam Juarez CANCELED Student Voice & Agency Through Digital Portfolios in the New Google Sites Administration Building - A206 (2nd floor)Stu Jernigan Competency Based Professional Learning: Earn Your Badge and Level Up! Building C - C102 (1st floor)Brandi Miller Designing Brain-Friendly Learning Spaces for a Creative and Collaborative Future Building D - D161 (1st floor, outside)Naomi Harm Geniusly Designed: The Beauty of Design Thinking and Genius Hour Building D - D201/202 (inside building, 2nd floor, outside room)Lucy Amaral • Lisa DeLapo Google Classroom for Facilitators of Adult Learning Building C - C206 (2nd floor)Lindsey Blass • Lisha Brunache • Kristina Mattis Got Level 1? Administration Building - A204 (2nd floor)Carrie Sebora Help Students Find Choice and Interest with PBL, and Become Engaged! Administration Building - A153 (1st floor)Paul Werner I Found it on the Internet and Then I Made it Mine Building E - E205/206 (2nd floor)Katie Warren I Survived Another Staff Meeting...From Boring Administrivia to Engaging PD Building C - C210 (2nd floor)Cori Orlando • Jay Sorensen Integrating Technology into Interactive Read Alouds Administration Building - A205 (2nd floor)Kristen Berg Lessons Learned in Our Makerspace Administration Building - A202 (2nd floor)Christine Mytko Makerspaces: Nuts and Bolts Building C - C201/202 (2nd floor)Heidi Baynes • Gabrielle Henderson • Denise Leonard • Mark Synnott • Joseph Williams Mission Possible: Using iPads to Make Learning Exciting Building C - C208/209 (2nd floor)Rebecca Holland • Carolyn James • Colene McKeon • Stacy Olson Passion Projects: Genius Hour and 20% Time Building D - D281/282 (inside building, 2nd floor, outside room)Teresa Ozoa Screencast Your Mini-lesson with Screencastify, Classroom and Forms! Building C - C103 (1st floor)Steve Kesel • Christy Novack Showcase Stellar Student Work Using New Google Sites Administration Building - A203 (2nd floor)Mia Gittlen Tim and Moby Talks: Using BrainPOP to Support Social and Emotional Health Building E - E207 (2nd floor)Alexa Corniel

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